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Mediaocean is granting three 25k scholarships to women in STEM

The winners have been selected. Check out our winners announcement now to see our finalists. 

Diversity drives innovation and creativity, so why is it that only 25% of jobs in the tech industry are held by women?

To better understand the reason why, we conducted a survey of over 3,000 Americans. What we found was overwhelming – 76% agreed that there aren’t enough women working in technology, while three quarters agreed women don’t get the same level of respect as men. And there are still some people who believe that women don’t belong in tech, with 17% saying it is unfeminine to work in this field, and 6% believing that women are simply less skilled in technology.

We need to take action and make a change now.

At Mediaocean, we envision a future where gender equality in the tech industry is the norm.

We want to encourage and inspire more women to make waves in technology. That’s why we are proud to announce the launch of Mediaocean’s Women in Technology Scholarship Fund. Through this program, we will help 3 women achieve their dream career in technology, with a $25k scholarship each. Open to current undergraduate and graduate students in STEM degrees, we hope that this scholarship will spark interest and give three motivated women the opportunity to make their dreams happen.

So how do you apply?

  • Submit a 60 second video answering “What is your dream career in tech and how do you plan to achieve it?”
  • Videos will be narrowed down to 10 semi-finalists by a panel of esteemed women in technology
  • From these 10 finalists, the public will vote to choose three winners